“We have a no-gap policy. What that means to you is that we pay special attention, to the best of our abilities, to assure that the job we do has filled all of the spots where cold air comes in or cold air can escape. If the job is not done to your expectation, we will make it right.”

- Andy Momper, Owner

Fiberglass is a man-made product that is composed of natural ingredients such as sand and recycled products such as window glass and bottles. Fiberglass insulation has been used since the 1930s and is now the most widely used home insulator. As an energy saver, fiberglass insulation saves the consumer money and helps keep buildings warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Insulation saves energy and reduces the demand for new power plants, which reduces emissions of air pollutants to the environment and helps prevent global warming.To maximize energy efficiency, it is important to reduce air leaks that may occur around any areas in your home that are not sealed. These may include windows; doors; fireplaces; heating, ventilation and air conditioning ductwork; and perimeter joints. Leaks can be controlled with the use of house wrap, caulking and sealing of areas with leaks. Fiberglass insulation also helps control noise in buildings, cars, and appliances.

Fiberglass insulation is commonly used in furnaces and duct systems that deliver air to occupied buildings and homes, effectively minimizing the transmission of noise.

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